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Mark Zuckerberg Revealed His New Year Resolution for 2019

Following his promise of setting his individual goals since 2009, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO-Facebook shared his New Year resolutions for 2019 which is about him planning to host a series of public discussions comprising of the opportunities, challenges etc. about the future of technology in society. He mentioned in his Facebook post to have these conversations in every few weeks including the involvement of people, leaders and experts from different fields.

His resolutions from the earlier years included wearing a tie as he wanted to go for a different approach from his usual T-shirt and hoodie look, learning Mandarin, becoming a vegetarian and only eating the meat that was slaughtered by himself, to brush up his coding skills, meet new people, write a thank-you note every day and reading books concerning different cultures, beliefs, technologies etc. during every other week. Then in the year 2016, he wanted to make a simple artificial intelligence system and control everything in his home with his voice. The following year he decided to visit every state in the United States and talk to as many American he can across the country. He wanted to know how they survive and what their perceptions about the future are. And in 2018, his resolution was to resolve the issues with Facebook as it had a lot of problems that needed to be fixed especially where the protection of the community from hate and abuse was required. A lot of people were disturbed by the Facebook data privacy scandal that revolved around the personally identifiable information of more than 85 Million people. Despite the numerous apologies by Mark Zuckerberg, the scandals kept on multiplying. With the privacy of the users at stake and this year’s resolution of Mark, we need to keep our fingers crossed and should only hope for the best!

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