Fiat Chrysler Cheating Emissions Tests

Around $700 Million to be Paid by Fiat Chrysler as Part of the Settlement against Cheating Emissions Tests

To settle the allegations on cheating the emissions tests, an Italian and American multinational corporation, Fiat Chrysler will pay more than $650 million. There are a large number of Jeep SUVs and Ram pickup trucks that were involved in it. The company was accused of emitting far more pollutants as compared to the government emission laws by the Environmental Protection Agency during early 2017.

The fine of around $300 Million is to be paid to the federal and California government and according to the part of the deal; the Fiat Chrysler will also have to pay around $280 million as compensation to the vehicle owners which will be about $2,700 for each owner. Apart from that, the company has to pay another $70 million (approx.) to settle the claims made by the other states.

The attorney for the company was not available for the comments and as per this civil settlement; the Fiat Chrysler won’t admit the wrongdoing. According to the company, all the legal requirements were met by its software and it didn’t mean to break the law. According to the U.S officials, they used unlawful engine-control software on their diesel automobiles that resulted in producing fabricated results in the emission tests. These results did meet the government emission standards during the test but were otherwise responsible for producing far more emissions while the automobiles were out in the real world.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is based in London and was formed during a 2014 merger between an Italian automobile manufacturer, FIAT and one of the ‘Big Three’ automakers in the U.S. – Chrysler.

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