Known as a “Motel Village” from Decades, the Business Owners want to Change its Name

The up-scaling of the Motel Village is driving the attention of many business owners towards the re-branding of this motel that has not been changed from decades. The reputation of this area of Northwest Calgary comprising of motels, lodges, family restaurants etc. came down as it became an attraction for illegal activities that included trespassing, a few high profile murders, robbery, prostitution ring etc. But in recent years, a lot has been changed that has advanced the appearance of this area. Also, the area has witnessed the up gradation of low budget motels to top-notch hotels. According to the facts collected by the locals, the police visits to this place have been reduced over the years. Based on these changes, the local business owners and nearby residents want the name of this Motel Village to be changed into a new name that can carry its newer appearance.

According to Barry Clement, the president of the Banff Trail Community Association, the Motel Village is an old name and is quite popular but also carries a shabby reputation. He further stated that there are hardly any motels left there and a lot of urban development is about to take place, including a 28-storey residential tower for students.

According to the proprietors and the local people, the new brand name would help in changing the worn-out image of the Motel Village. Not sure of how the name of this village was formed, this place was once used as a housing accommodation for the travellers who wanted to spend the night while heading into or out of the Calgary.

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