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The Federal Shutdown leads to the Loss of Three Lives in the US National Parks

Three people lost their lives in three different National Park Service accidents following the shutdown of the National Parks in the USA which is into its third week now and has not barred public access to many of its visitor spots. A California based teenage girl was found dead from about 700 feet below the Horseshoe Bend overlook. Then there was a man who succumbed to the head injury after falling into a river at Yosemite National Park and the third was the woman who was killed after a tree fell on her at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is one of the most visited national parks in the United States. Her 6 year old son was also injured in the accident.

During the tenure of Barack Obama and others in the last two decades, their administrations took all the steps necessary for safeguarding public and made sure that the parks remained closed. However, after the Trump took over, his administration kept the parks open despite the shutdown. This has influenced many visitors to keep coming as for some of them; the ‘no entrance fee’ is one of the other reasons to influence their visits.

The federal government shutdown of the Nation Parks in the U.S. is raising concerns regarding the safety of their visitors, cleaning restrooms and filling up of dumpsters. The shutdown has led to the shortening of the workforce and the rangers which is furthering the possibility of unpleasant incidents as there isn’t the required monitoring of the visitors that is important for their safety. With the vigilance gone short, people are concerned about the safety from falling off the cliffs, drowning, unmonitored medical conditions, accidental fires and other ensured rescue services that are not available during this shutdown. Along with that, the other important factor that is concerning the National Park authorities is the maintenance of these parks as the absence of the workers has affected the cleanliness regarding the disposal of trash and maintaining the sanitation related to restrooms and the surroundings.

The amount of people visiting the parks despite the shutdown is not only affecting the public safety but is potentially a threat to the environment as well. In such circumstances, the administration should come forward and take the preventive measures to protect the lives of its people.

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