Anthony Marlowe, CEO-MCI, LC

Sydney Call Center Inc. Brought New Hope For The Former Employees Of Servicom Canada

Just a few weeks before Christmas, ServiCom Canada laid off hundreds of its workers which drove the devastated employees to ask help from local charities. The people working at the firm from many years were stunned by this layoff. With the bankruptcy and unfortunate shutting of the firm, more than 550 people lost their jobs, the aftermath of which led to financial hardships faced by these people.

After the closing down of the ServiCom, the laid off employees started running out of their prescriptions, heat, gas and were unable to pay their bills and mortgage among other financial breakdowns and in that need of the hour, the local charities came forward and offered various generous offerings including toys, food and other required donations. Along with that, a total cash of around $80,000 was collected as well.

Iowa based Anthony Marlowe, CEO-MCI, paid $1.5 Million over the other interested auction-goers and expressed an interest to hire all the employees that were laid off. Within less than a month, the formerly known ServiCom Canada acquired by new ownership known as Sydney Call Centre is up and running with around 280 former employees, whereas about other 200 employees, they are expected to join in coming two weeks. With a good response from the former employees regarding joining back, the new firm is continuing to accept more applications. In his entire business career, Marlowe referred his purchase of the firm as one of the most significant moment. So far, more than 450 employees have been hired back and the wages have been increased from $11 to $12 on an hourly basis.

Filled with gratitude and utmost happiness, some of the employees came an hour early on the first day of their joining back accompanied with a lot of hugs and words of thankfulness from them.

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