Bird Box

While most of the People didn’t care, the Rest entered 2019 by taking the ‘Bird Box Challenge’

Ever since the release of the movie ‘Bird Box’, there are a lot of memes that have been shared across the social media platforms. The people who are blind or have low vision or those who are concerned about it, found the concept of the movie ‘bird box’ depressing and expressed their thoughts on the movie as being offensive and that it needs to be stopped. Whereas, some of the folks stepped into the New Year by taking the ‘bird box challenge’, the others really didn’t care.

For those among you, who have no idea what we are talking about or have not watched it, the ‘bird box’ is an American, post-apocalyptic movie based on a novel of the same name by Josh Malerman. It is about people ending their lives if they see the monster. So in order to be safe, the protagonists in the movie had to blindfold themselves while going out.

Some people have a different perspective towards these challenges as they believe that this curiosity is a part of a basic human nature where they want to try and test themselves with respect to what they watch on the television. As for some, they want to experience how it feels to live differently while others are encouraged during this process of experimentation and develop empathy toward blind people or towards those who have vision problems.

A lot of people think that the Netflix was behind the starting of these memes as part of their marketing scheme, which is although unlikely a scene but Netflix did bring the limelight to the ‘bird box challenge’ to every body’s notice by tweeting about it!

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